Richard Teweles

The Futures Game: Who Wins, Who Loses, & Why

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Santrauka: "The Futures Game, 3rd Edition", helps traders prepare for trading today and well into the 21st century.This revised and updated edition of the classic future's traders' guidebook provides valuable, accurate knowledge of: today's important markets - from interest rate and foreign currency futures to worldwide petroleum markets, discover high profit/protection strategies for trading the most popular markets; hedging versus speculating - these two different motives often have diametrically different strategies. Find out which strategies work best for each; and, trading and research software - discover the most popular and functional software products for both fundamental and technically driven forecasting applications. Filled with hundreds of recent studies and research projects on futures markets, enlightening explanations of recent regulatory changes, and more, "The Futures Game, 3rd Edition", provides a complete overview of the game in which global knowledge is now a requirement - and the potential for extraordinary profits continues to climb.

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