Grant Robert M.

Contemporary Strategy Analysis. Fourth Edition

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Santrauka: Currently one of the best-selling strategy texts for advanced undergraduates and MBA students, Contemporary Strategy Analysis has gained widespread recognition for its rigorous approach to business strategy analysis. Contemporary Strategy Analysis introduces students to the fundamental concepts and principles of strategy. The text reflects current academic thinking and management practice, and gives students the tools they need to formulate and implement strategies in order to enhance the performance of the organizations that they join. Now in its fourth edition, this exciting text has been thoroughly revised and updated. Special features of the fourth edition include:increased coverage of value creation in electronic commerce and the strategy implications of information technology a new section on the "New Economy" and what it means for competition and profit the incorporation of recent contributions to strategy theory and strategy practice including:- the creation and development of organizational capability - winner-takes-all markets - network externalities and competition for standards - complexity and self-organization - strategic innovationthe relating of analytical frameworks to their real-world business applications revised figures and applications, making the book even more user-friendly for both instructors and students.

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