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Some of the world's most exceptional historical, thermal, thalassic, wellness and health resort, new age, adventure, day, and hotel spas from around the world are reviewed in this volume that also contains pricing, service, and contact information.
Nothing could be more luxurious, pleasurable, or refreshing than pampering yourself in a sumptuous spa. The best ones are designed to look and feel like paradise - and they do. In this book, you'll discover the most exceptional historical, thermal, thalassic, wellness and health resort, new age adventure day, and hotel spas around the world - from Paris to South Africa, Bangkok to Texas - beautifully photographed and accompanied by pricing, service, and contact information. Use the book to scout out your ideal spa-destination and take yourself one step closer to nirvana.This title features great escapes - an exclusive collection of luxury getaways, resorts and design hotels around the world. Dedicated to the sophisticated traveler, it helps you choose your hotel and make your reservation online.
Allison Arieff , By (author) Bryan Burkhart , With Adrienne Arieff , With Deborah Bishop
Allison Arieff is the Editor in Chief of Dwell and was the magazine's founding Senior Editor. She is the co-author of Prefab and Trailer Travel: A Visual History of Mobile America, and the editor of numerous books on art and culture including Airstream: The History of the Land Yacht, Hatch Show Print: The History of A Great American Poster Shop and TASCHEN's Cheap Hotels.

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