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Suhrit Dey K.
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Consciousness is the primary topic of Vedanta philosophy which is the core of the Hindu Religion. It is non dual, omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient. It is the Absolute. Vedanta calls It Brahman. Nature which is vibrant with vivid varieties of dualism, emanated from Brahman. According to Vedanta, that starting point was a humongous explosion. The universe was projected out of Brahman. Finally this universe will be burnt up by a humongous fire and will lose all of its material manifestations. At that point it will merge with Consciousness. However, this birth and demise of the universe is a cyclic process. The length of time of manifestation of the universe is equal to the amount of time it will stay unmanifested being one with Brahman. Hindu religion calls Brahman " God ". As consciousness, He exists in every element of the universe both in animate as well as in inanimate objects. So, all exists in One and One exists in all. Being bombarded continuously by millions of subtle forces of nature, as dictated by the law of entropy, our mind stays totally occupied with thoughts on the external world. These thoughts generate multitudes of desires. We foolishly chase them. This is the cause for our stress and suffering. Through meditation, one can get detached from all desires, transcend nature and attain the state of Brahman. This is the most blissful and the most peaceful state of existence. One envisions at this state a bright divine light encompassing the entire universe. All these and more have been discussed in the book applying stringent mathematical logic. Existence of God, the Absolute, is a scientific truth, not a faith-dependent fantasy.

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