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The Times Atlas Of The World compact edition

The Times
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This second Compact Edition of The Times Atlas of the World is a completely new atlas with reference mapping in the style of the Millennium Comprehensive edition, an index to over 25,000 names and a new introductory section. The new reference maps in this edition of The Times Atlas of the World reflect the authority of the range.

Up-to-date and accurate maps provide balanced, systematic coverage of all parts of the world. Each continent is introduced by a politically coloured map showing clearly the individual countries, this is followed by regional and country maps showing in detail towns and cities, roads, railways and international boundaries; relief detail is shown by layer tints.

The introductory section includes a fully revised and up-to-date guide to the states and territories of the world and includes national flags; a geographical information section has been added and the world maps on Climate, Land Cover, Population and Travel and Communications redesigned and up-dated. The index has been expanded to over 25,000 place names.

This is a complete world reference atlas in a smaller, convenient and easy-to-use format, retaining the authority, style and details of the larger atlases in the range.

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