Lawrence Michael

Ryan,s Brain

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Santrauka: About this book. Sometimes, when Michael Lawrence is asked how old Jiggy McCue is, he says,s "Oh, forty-five, forty-six." This, of course, is a lie. To prove it, in Ryan,s Brain, the eighth adventure of the 21st century,s very own. Three Musketeers, Jiggy celebrates his thirteen birthday. Celebrates it in a way that no one wants to celebrate a birthday, and all because of something he did to his great enemy Bryan Ryan one chilly Wednesday afternoon. Or rather, something he didn,t do... Each Jiggy book is a story in its own right, but if you would like to read them in the order in which they were written, it is: The Poltergoose, The Killer Underpants, The Toilet of Doom, Maggot Pie, The Snottle, Nudie Dudie, Neville the Devil, Ryan,s Brain. ONE FOR ALL AND ALL FOR LUNCH!

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