James A. Duke, Ph. D

The green pharmacy

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Santrauka: Thousands of safe, natural remedies lie untapped in jungles, forests and herbal gardens throughout the world. Now, in Green Pharmacy by James A. Duke (with illustrations by Peggy Kessler Duke), America’s foremost authority on medicinal plants and herbs shares his knowledge of these hidden reserves of healing power. * For Arthritis: A new, all-natural remedy that can cut pain in half. * For Back Pain: A fruit that has anti-inflammatory properties to produce long-term relief. * For Your Heart: An herb that opens up clogged arteries and lowers blood pressure, with none of the side effects of prescription drugs. * For High Cholesterol: A tasty grain that has three times more cholesterol-lowering power than oat bran. * For Migraines: An herb that has the power to eliminate the blurred vision and debilitating pain of these monster headaches. * For Mood Swings: A common food that shares the power of Prozac to boost the brain’s level of “feel-good” serotonin. * For Osteoporosis: A prime plant source of calcium that vastly enhances protection against bone depletion. * For Wrinkles: An herbal lotion that has the skin-clearing, wrinkle-reversing power of alpha hydroxy acid but costs only pennies. And much more– over 120 conditions in all!

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