Hugh Kenner

Joyce's Voices

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Santrauka: "An original and entertaining study of, chiefly, Ulysses . . . This is a most stimulating book." Anthony Burgess When a correspondent from Missouri wrote to Hugh Kenner and asked that he elaborate on his assertion that "Joyce began Ulysses in naturalism and ended it in parody," Kenner answered with this book. Joyce's Voices is both a helpful guide through Joyce's complexities, and a brief treatise on the concept of objectivity: the idea that the world can be perceived as a series of reports to our senses. Objectivity, Kenner claims, was a modern invention, and one that the modernists--Joyce foremost among them--found problematic. Accessible and enjoyable, Joyce s Voices is what so much criticism is not: an aid to better understanding--and enjoying more fully--the work of one of the world s greatest writers.


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Kaina: 12 EUR
Būklė: Puiki
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