Nancy Canwell

He's got your back

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Būklė: Puiki
Miestas: Vilnius


Santrauka: Bzzz! Bzzz! Bzzz! The alarm clock announces a new day-a day full of school, friends, and the unknown events they may bring. This day could hold success, disappointment, adventure, or heartache. You could make smart choices, or you could say something you will regret. Your friends could encourage you, or they could talk about you behind your back. So many things could go right or wrong. Whom can you rely on anymore? Begin each morning growing closer to the One who will never change or let you down. At every unexpected turn of events, He’s there. Whenever you make a mistake, He’s there. When everybody seems to turn against you, He’s there. Bzzz! Bzzz! Bzzz! No need for alarm. Whatever each day this year may hold, Jesus is there. He's Got Your Back!


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Kaina: 6 EUR
Būklė: Puiki
Miestas: Vilnius

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