Calamari Barbara

Holy Places: Sacred Sites in Catholicism

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Santrauka: Highlights the ten most holy locations around the world, from the town of Assisi in Italy to Tepeyac in Mexico, describing in detail the history and special stories of each place.,Sacred sites are as old as mankind. In the Roman Catholic world, the hundreds of places honored as holy continue to inspire intense feelings of religious faith and, many believe, perform miracles. The pilgrims who visit these sites yearly number in the hundreds, thousands, and even millions. In Holy Places, writer Barbara Calimari and artist Sandra DiPasqua offer an inspirational and informative guide to the religious and cultural meaning of these special places. Lavishly illustrated with images from Western art, photographs, stained glass, artist renderings, and holy cards, this book focuses on eighteen of the most well-known Catholic holy sites: the cathedrals of Chartres, Santiago de Compostela, and Saint Peter's Basilica; the Gargano caves in Italy where Saint Michael the Archangel first appeared; Croagh Patrick, a rocky cliff in Ireland from which Saint Patrick expelled the demons; the sanctuary in the church of Chimayo in New Mexico where the soil is said to have miraculous properties; and many more. Including a full history and description of each site, with maps and a calendar of holy days and festivals, Holy Placeswill make the perfect gift for the armchair traveler, the would-be pilgrim, and all readers interested in Christianity.

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