Daniella Westbrook

The other side of nowhere

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Santrauka: The lowest of the low points came when she called to beg social services to take her son into care. Totally alone, shoplifting food to survive and still using cocaine, Danniella knew she had to do something. Written with complete frankness, this is the whole story, from the first time she took coke, as a 14 year old, to the horror and shame of her ruined nose, and the near collapse of her relationship with the man who loved her. As her addiction took over her life she lost her friends, family, career and her looks, but when it came to her son, she knew enough was enough. Inspiring and powerful, this is an intensely personal story of the fight back from the edge of death. Biographical Notes Danniella Westbrrok is an actress and television presenter. Having trained at the Sylvia Young School, Danniella starred in Grange Hill before landing the part of Sam Mitchell in EastEnders, which she played on and off for ten years. Since leaving the soap she has worked as an actress and presenter, her most recent project being Five's All New Cosmetic Surgery, which she co-hosted with Vanessa Feltz. She is happily married to her husband Kevin Jenkins and lives in Kent with her two children Kai, nine, and three year-old Jodie.

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