Take Your Photography to the Next Level: From Inspiration to Image

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This book is for the photographer who strives to achieve a higher level of results in their work. Take Your Photography to the Next Level is based on a series of essays originally featured on the popular Luminous Landscape website. Barr tackles some of the rarely discussed, yet essential aspects of successful photography. Here is where photographers will learn what is required in order to grow in their creativity and to gain a deeper understanding of their craft.With a foreward by Michael Reichmann.Topics include:

Dealing with disappointment
Developing an "eye"
Making stronger images
What photographs well
Where to go looking for the best photographic subjects
How to approach subject material
A great image is just around the corner
Dealing with failure
Mind games
Becoming a self-aware photographer
Framing, cropping, & manipulating prints to create mood and transmit your message

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