Kinsella Sophie

The undomestic goddess

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Santrauka: Samantha Sweeting is a high-powered lawyer nearing a promotion at the prestigious Carter Spink law firm in London. Her whole life is focused on her work. Her cluttered desk is an oxymoron to her sharp mind. She is so engrossed in her work that she is even willing to forego her relationships and even her own personal happiness for work. Her life changes, however, when she discovers an error she apparently made — costing an important client £50 million. Dazed with shock from the discovery and the possible repercussions on her career, she walks out of Carter Spink and eventually lands in an affluent countryside estate whose owners mistake her for a housekeeper. She then goes on to learn domestic chores such as cooking and laundry with the help of the handsome gardener Nathaniel. Not only does she learn to enjoy life, she realizes that her happiness is a priority over a career.

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