Mary Williamas

Forest Heritage/Portrait of a Girl

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Santrauka: Forest Heritage Emma Fairly, after the death of her father, is determined to maintain the ideals and integrity with which he imbued the newspaper he owned, the Charbrook echo. In the early years of the last century this was not easy, especially for a girl, even a girl as beautiful and talented as Emma, for small newspapers were easy prey for rapacious newspaper tycoons. Tycoons like Bradley. Emma is swept into his world when she marries his handsome son, Arthur. It is the start of a time of disaster and deep unhappiness for Emma. But when into her life comes Evan Lloyd, the gentle Welshman. Portrait of a Girl When Josephine Lebrun, the orphaned daughter of a Breton fisherman, comes to live in the Cornish cottage it is inevitable that her destiny becomes intertwined with it's owner, the rich and powerful Rupert Verne.Attracted to her lovely singing voice, he takes her under his patronage and soon her beauty and charm weave their magic.But who is the girl in the portrait? And why does it cast a spell over Rupert? Once again Mary Williams, writing of nineteenth century Cornwall, draws the reader into a tale of passion and love, of drama and romance.

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