Fienberg Anna, Fienberg Barbara

Tashi Lost in the City

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Santrauka: This eleventh book in the ever-popular Tashi series is Tashi's first adventure in the big city, where he escapes from a nasty one-eyed kidnapper, and outwits some bungling brigands, Fearless, Ferocious and No Name. 'I raced up and down the street looking in doorways and behind stalls. But there was no Grandma. I couldn't breathe properly.' Tashi always has big adventures, like the time he's lost in the city and has to escape from a mean man with a glass eye and a silver dagger. Then, on the way home, Tashi and Grandma are kidnapped by brigands called Fearless and Ferocious. But clever Tashi always knows what to do: stay calm, think hard and move fast.

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