Julie Parsons

Eager to Please

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Santrauka: For twelve long years Rachel Beckett has been in prison for the murder of her husband, Martin. A murder she swears she did not commit. For twelve long years she has been denied the touch and the love of her only daughter Amy. Has been forced to watch another woman raise and enjoy her child. Until, at the age of seventeen, Amy has insisted she never wants to see her real mother again. But now Rachel is free. And she is ready to take revenge . . . 'A classy, riveting suspense by a writer who deserves to be up with the big names of crime fiction - Walters, Vine et al.' Bookseller 'Brilliant. A star in the making.' Minette Walters 'One of those rare authors who can successfully combine psychological insight, literary style and heart-stopping suspense.' Jeffrey Deaver

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