Laura Wolf

Diary of a Mad Mother-to-be

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Būklė: Gera
Miestas: Vilnius


Santrauka: Happily married to Stephen for two years, Amy wants a baby. And it's supposed to be so easy: throw away the contraception, get an obstetrician - right? Wrong. With the help of BABY HOW, BABY NOW magazine [Fifty pages on how to conceive! How do teenage mothers do it?] and an inaudible gynaecologist she dubs the Crotch Whisperer, Amy finds there's much more to getting pregnant than meets the eye. And once you've managed it, things don't necessarily improve. There's the all-day morning sickness. The ban on sushi. Prenatal yoga. Amy can only hope it will all be worth it in the end. She's determined to have her baby without derailing her career, losing her sex appeal or disrupting those fragile relationships with family and friends. Ha! If only life were that simple...


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  • Viso knygų: 18
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Kaina: 2 EUR
Būklė: Gera
Miestas: Vilnius

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