Darko Amma


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Santrauka: AMMA DARKO lives and works in Ghana. She studied at the University of Science and Technology. After a couple of years spent in Germany she returned to Ghana in 1987. Darko is the author of the novel which originally published in Germany as Der Verkaufte Traum (Schmetterling Verlag, 1991) an published in the original English as Beyond the Horizon (Heinemann, 1995). She is a Fellow of the Cambridge Seminar. She is married and has three children. A dead baby and bloodstained clothes are discovered near a small vilage. Everyone is ready to comment on the likely story behind the abandoned infant. The men have one opinion, the women another. As the story repidly unfolds it becomes clear that seven different women played their part in the drama. All of them are caught in a web of superstition, ignorance, greed and corruption. Amma Darko,s new novel is a dramatic story of exploitation in modern Ghana.

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