Karen Swan

Christmas under the Stars

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Santrauka: In the snow- topped mountains of the Canadian Rockies, Meg and Mitch are living their dream. Just weeks away from their wedding, they work and play whit Tuck and Lucy, their closest and oldest friends. Meg and Lucy are as close as sisters- much to Meg's real sister's dismay- and Tuck and Mitch have successfully turned their passion for snowboarding into a booming business. But when a polar storm hits, tragedy strikes. Alone in the tiny mountain log cabin she shares with Mitch, Meg desperately tries to radio for help- and it comes from the most unexpected quarter, a lone voice across the airwaves that sees what she cannot. As the snow melts and the friends try to live with their loss, the relationships Meg thought were forever are buckled by tensions, rivalries and devastating secrets. Nothing is as she thought and only her radio contact understands what it is to be truly alone. As they share confidences in the dark, witnessed only by the stars. Meg feels her future begin to pull away from her past and is forced to consider a strange truth- is it her friends who are the strangers ? And a stranger who really knows her best ?

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