James Lowder

Beyond the Wall: Exploring George R. R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire

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Santrauka: The book is, in a thematic sense, a collection of essays exploring the series' influences, its narrative choices, and its epic scope. The anthology collects critical essays from a number of writers that examine the novels from various perspectives.[1] The full list of contents is as follows: Foreword: Stories for the Nights to Come by R.A. Salvatore. Introduction: In Praise of Living History by James Lowder. The Palace of Love, the Palace of Sorrow by Linda Antonsson, Elio M. Garcia. Looking at vestiges of the the Romantic movement of the 19th century which GRRM has identified himself with in the past.[1] Men and Monsters by Alyssa Rosenberg. Same Song in a Different Key by Daniel Abraham. An Unreliable World by Adam Whitehead. Looking at reliability (or lack of it) of history in the novels.[1] Back to the Egg by Gary Westfahl. Art Imitates War by Myke Cole. The Brutal Cost of Redemption in Westeros by Susan Vaught. Of Direwolves and Gods by Andrew Zimmerman Jones. A Sword Without a Hilt by Jesse Scoble. Petyr Baelish and the Mask of Sanity by Matt Staggs. A Different Kind of Other by Brent Hartinger. Power and Feminism in Westeros by Caroline Spector. Collecting Ice and Fire in the Age of Nook and Kindle by John Jos. Miller. Beyond the Ghetto by Ned Vizzini.

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