David Connolly

Angelic & Black: Contemporary Greek Short Stories

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Santrauka: The authors presented in this anthology are representative of contemporary Greek literature in some of its most fundamental and characteristic trends. Coming from all generations and age-groups and covering a wide range of stylistic experimentation and thematic concerns, they reveal the way in which Greek authors in the 21st century are seeking to find their path, while orienting and also adapting to the requirements of an age which more and more appears to regard the local as being inseparable from the universal and the national as being inevitably linked with the intercultural. Table of Contents "Jesus Aged Twelve in the Temple" by E. Aranitsis "The Plunderer" by S. Dimitriou "Carre Fix" by M. Douka "Halima, Desdemona, Bubu" by M. Fais "An Almost Blue Arm" by R. Galanaki "The Preparation" by E. H. Gonatas "Afternoon With Alcoholic View" by T. Goudelis "The Cock's Crowing" by V. Gouroyannis "Not All Fingers Are Equal" by C. Homenidis "The Body" by N. Houliaras "The Old Man and the Tree" by Y. Kaisaridis "Militsa or Mid-August Reverie" by D. Kalokyris "Mrs. Cataki" by I. Karystiani "Seraphim" by M. Koumandareas "Nebraska" by A. Kyriakidis "Murder's Singular Taste" by P. Matesis "Lermontov" by A. Michalopoulou "The Find" by C. Milionis "Memory" by D. Mingas "Halfpastdoom" by M. Mitsora "Pink and Black" by C. Mitsotaki "How the Sting Hurts and it's in Deep" by S. Nikolaidou "The Old Enemy" by D. Nolas "The Strength" of Materials by N. Panayotopoulos "Arrogance" by Al. Panselinos "Rosamund" by I. H. Papadimitrakopoulos "Away Ground" by D. Petsetidis "Mussels in the Flower Vase" by Y. Skabardonis "The Assistants" by E. Sotiropoulou "His Last Role" by A. Sourounis "A Smelly Weakness" by P. Tatsopoulos "The Doll" by V. Tsiaboussis "Addiction to Nicotine" by T. Valtinos "The Ivory Buttons" by Z. Zateli

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