J. W. M. Sothern

Marine Diesel Oil Engines

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Santrauka: Knygos gausiai iliustruotos, daug papildomai įklijuotų išsilankstančių brėžinių, skaičiavimų. Contents for volumes one and two: General definitions and explanations Various types of marine diesel oil engines Internal combustion engines Indicator diagrams Various details Data from actual practice Running troubles: their cause and remedy Air compressors Practical operation of machinery Fuel oils, combustion, and lubricating oils, etc. Steering gears and telemotor gears Boilers and general notes The “stone” system of hydraulic control of bulkhead doors General notes and sketches on magnetism and electricity Precautions against fire Refrigeration Hull construction details Questions and answers Data, metric system, calculations, and logarithms

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