Harris Charlaine

Living Dead in Dallas

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Būklė: Puiki
Miestas: Vilnius


Santrauka: This book opens with Sookie Stackhouse finding the dead body of her friend Lafayette, in the backseat of Andy Bellefleur's car, who had left his car at Merlotte's the night before. Sookie learns that her friend had recently attended a local sex party. She thinks the members of that group might know something about her friend's murder so she starts "listening" to people's thoughts by using her special mind reading talent while working at the local bar. In the meantime, Bill Compton, Sookie's vampire boyfriend, informs her that they have been summoned by Eric. On their way to Fangtasia, a vampire bar where Eric's office is located, Sookie is attacked by a maenad as a way to get Eric's attention. The maenad, also known as Callisto, attacks Sookie and her wounds are poisoned. Sookie is healed by a combination of Dr. Ludwig's special healings and blood drainings by Eric, Pam, Chow and Bill. Sookie is later given a fresh transfusion of human blood.[4] Eric informs Bill and Sookie that they need to go Dallas to help the local vampire leader, Stan Davis, to find his missing brother, Farrell, who has not returned to Davis' nest for five days. The Dallas vampires, Sookie and Bill learn that The Fellowship of the Sun (FotS) might be behind the disappearance. Sookie decides to go to the FotS' church with Hugo, Stan's human lawyer, in an undercover mission. Sookie's cover is quickly exposed when they meet Steve and Sarah Newlin. She also discovers that Hugo is a traitor. Badly injured, Sookie escapes from the church with the help of Luna, a shapeshifter and Godfrey. Eventually, Bill and the Dallas vampires rescue Farrell. In a welcome party for Farrell, Sookie gets her first taste of Eric's blood when he gets shot protecting her in a massive attack by the FotS to Stan's mansion. Bill later tells Sookie that Eric will be able to feel how Sookie feels. Back in Bon Temps, Sookie is invited to the secret sex party by Mike Spencer. Afraid to go alone, Sookie asks Eric to accompany her as Bill had to go back to Texas. Bill and Stan want to negotiate the outrageous recompense that the shapeshifters of Dallas are asking for helping Sookie escape the FotS. At the sex party, Sookie is surprised to see her friend Tara and her fiancé, "Eggs" and learns that Mike and Tom Hardaway murdered Lafayette. This party is interrupted when Bill, Andy Bellefleur, Sam (collie form) and the maenad gather in front of the house. The maenad enjoys the drunkenness and lust of the party participants and eventually kills them all, but Tara and "Eggs". Bill and Eric burn the house and Eric erases Tara and Eggs' memories from this event.


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Kaina: 5 EUR
Būklė: Puiki
Miestas: Vilnius

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