H. Gordon Philip

NATO's Transformation

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Santrauka: Relevant and important contributions to the debate. (International Affairs ) These cutting-edge articles, by authoritative authors, are so superior as to have become in themselves part of the trans-Atlantic debate . . . by far the best analysis available of this issue of prime importance. (Andrew J. Pierre, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace ) This collection of articles is a distinguished contribution to the debate (Rodric Braithwaite, British ambassador to Moscow, 1988-1992 ) This volume provides cutting-edge thinking on the transformations that are molding NATO's future and that will determine the nature of European security in the early 21st century. (Hans Binnendijk, director of the Institute for National Strategic Studies ) A fine collection of articles that provides a complete picture of the difficult issues and choices NATO faces today. (Stanley Hoffmann, Harvard University )

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