Dave Isay

Listening Is an Act of Love (Deluxe Gift Collection)

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Santrauka: Hardcover book "Listening Is an Act of Love" in slipcover with LISTENING IS an ACT of LOVE: A Celebration of American Life from the StoryCorps Project", A companion CD and paperback book 'Listening is an act of Love: Notes on Ten Beloved Stories . and How to Record You Own". All three included in slipcover case. About LISTENING IS an ACT of LOVE: StoryCorps founder and legendary radio producer Dave Isay selects the most memorable stories from StoryCorps' collection, creating a moving portrait of American life. The voices here connect us to real people and their lives--to their experiences of profound joy, sadness, courage, and despair, to good times and hard times, to good deeds and misdeeds. To read this book is to be reminded of how rich and varied the American storybook truly is, how resistant to easy categorization or stereotype. We are our history, individually and collectively, and Listening Is an Act of Love touchingly reminds us of this powerful truth.

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Kaina: 10 EUR
Būklė: Puiki
Miestas: Vilnius

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