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rachael lane

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Santrauka: The generosity of the Italian table is renowned, ranging from three to four or more courses and often stretching on for hours. The food is simple, flavoursome and achievable, even for those who have never attempted cooking Italian cuisine before. Gathered from regions across Italy, a wide selection of produce, flavours and cooking techniques are used. Each recipe provides metric and imperial measurements appropriate to an international food and cooking audience. Recipes include: homemade spinach pasta; penne with sausage and spicy tomato sauce; mint and goat's cheese agnolotti; seared scallop and lemon risotto; lasagne bolognese; baked snapper in salt crust; veal saltimbocca; margherita pizza; broad beans with mint and salted ricotta; pine nut tart; vanilla panna cotta; chocolate ricotta and hazlenut ravioli.

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