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Spd Rdng – The Speed Reading Bible: The Speed Reading Book with 37 Techniques, Tips

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Miestas: Vilnius


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Santrauka: Spd Rdng – The Speed Reading Bible: The Speed Reading Book with 37 Techniques, Tips & Strategies For Ultra Fast Reading (Speed Reading, Study Skills, Memory and Accelerated Learning) is a collection of techniques which will DOUBLE your reading speed, easily allow you to PROCESS 10 TIMES MORE material, and help you REMEMBER MORE. The Speed Reading Bible is Number 1 on Kindle for the categories of Study Skills and Education Reference. If you read the book in order, you will effectively be following our two-day speed reading course (more info at our website:, but many of the techniques, insights and suggestions are self-standing and can improve your reading, comprehension, memory and retention so feel free to read them in the order which makes most sense to you. What people say about The Speed Reading Bible: "Without any doubt the best book about speed reading I have read!" "Brilliant Book, I wish I had read it years ago." "Very good book. Really helps to understand spd rdng techniques and improve your memory. Even more than that: it teaches how to improve your overall learning experience." "Finally, a complete speed reading concept." "Turned a book hater into a book worm." The Speed Reading Bible: easy speed reading skills with proven results for you to apply immediately to any reading material (books, reports, journals, manuals, textbooks, online texts, ebooks, etc) so you can read more, more quickly, more effectively, whether you are a professional, an entrepreneur, a student or teacher, a home educator, or simply interested in your own learning and personal development, in any subject (including business, medicine, law, IT, acting and languages), by showing you, among other things, how to use your eyes more efficiently, remember more, access your learning intelligence, take meaning from the minimum of input, focus on your purpose, find the hot spots of information you need, and put it all into practice, with the result that you free up time and save money as you become more successful in business and in life.


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Kaina: 7 EUR
Būklė: Gera
Miestas: Vilnius

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