Maupin Armistead

The night listener

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Santrauka: The narrator of The Night Listener is Gabriel Noone, a late-night radio storyteller who has risen to national fame in San Francisco. Having just separated from his lover of ten years, Noone is adrift in pain and confusion when he receives unexpected comfort from a thirteen-year-old boy in Wisconsin. Pete Lomax, a gifted writer himself, has somehow survived-and skillfully recorded- a life of unimaginable abuse. Wise beyond his years, he becomes sort of surrogate son to the storyteller through a series of long distance phone calls. But, just as the clouds begin to part for Gabriel, a question arises that casts doubt upon the very existence of this miracle child. Desperate for the truth, Gabriel begins an odyssey that will throw his own stormy relationships-familial, romantic, and erotic-into sharp perspective. A personal saga that turns a mystery that turns back into a personal saga again, The Night Listener keeps us guessing as it keeps us reading.

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