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Re-Designing Management, Development in the New Europe

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Santrauka: A brief narrative description of the journal article, document, or resource. This book, which was written by the Torino Group, a team of authors representing the views and experiences of users and providers of management development services in Europe, describes current management development practices across Europe and examines key issues in redesigning management development services. The following topics are discussed in the book's eight chapters: history and current state of the management development sector and recent economic and social trends affecting it; current learning concepts and techniques and the rationale for helping managers learn rather than teaching them; management development in European companies; changing roles of business schools and other external providers of management development services; state of the art information, communication, and other technologies that are likely to enhance learning, and recent innovations in management education; recent developments in partnerships, networking, cooperation, and learning across various boundaries; why management development must add value to client organizations, and how that value can be measured and enhanced; and ways various stakeholders can promote management development, improve its quality, and enhance its practical impact.

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