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Antoni Gaudi: Complete Works

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Santrauka: Antoni Gaudi: Complete Works - Cuito, Aurora, and Montes, Cristina + Add to Wishlist Browse related Subjects Architecture > Individual Architect Architecture > History > Modern (late 19th Century to 1945) The complete works. In light of the growing and general recognition of Gaud work, 150 years after his birth, Gaud did not become a success as a result of the quantity of works completed; Gaud secret was probably knowing how to tackle architectural creation in a distinct manner, without artistic or technical prejudices. His knowledge of the trades and the procedures of construction permitted him to stand out in his era. He was a virile and overwhelming individual, capable of breaking tradition, with fidelity to historic styles and the determination to please the euphoric bourgeoisie of the 1900s. He replanted the essence of architecture and reconsidered tastes and materials, procedures, techniques, systems of calculation, geometric repertoires.

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