Joanna Crosse

The Element Illustrated Encyclopedia of Mind, Body, Spirit and Earth

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Santrauka: A first-of-it's-kind encyclopedia that explores the questions today's kids are asking! "Can the stars really tell my future?," "Are aliens for real?," "Can my mom read my mind?" Today's kids are hip to astrology, curious about tarot cards & ESP, big on UFO's (Think: Men in Black, The X-Files), but where are they going to really find out about these subjects? Finally, here is a reference book that explores kids' questions about the often mysterious world within & around them - in a safe, comprehensive format written especially for children & their families. The Element Illustrated Encyclopedia of Mind, Body, Spirit & Earth takes readers on a fascinating journey through the marvels, mysteries & unexplained phenomenon of the visible & invisible world. Divided into four primary sections: Mind, Body, Spirit & Earth, each section contains various related subsections, for example: Mind - Astrology, Meditations, ESP, Science, Legends: Body - Birth, Dance, Health, Bodyworks, Healing: Spirit - Afterlife, Divination, Superstitions, Miracles, Prayer: Earth - Animals, Creation, Crystals, Sacred Sites. These subsections are further broken down, for example: "Healing" includes conventional & alternative medicine, acupuncture, bioenergetics, crystal healing, herbalism, iridology, Reiki, faith healing, counseling & more. In this evolutionary time where once deemed "alternative" topics are being more widely recognized & accepted, & spiritual values & powers are being considered as significant as scientific & mechanical advances, this landmark volume provides an outlet for questions not previously addressed in traditional reference books. The aim of this book is to allow kids to learn about the wide range of beliefs & practices that make up our world - without endorsing or promoting any particular views. Each individual topic, where possible, includes a safe & practical example to demonstrate how the skill or knowledge can be applied!

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