Packer Jane

The Complete Guide to Flower Arranging

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Santrauka: An innovatory practical approach to fresh and dried flowers by a leading international floral designer Jane Packer's The Complete Guide to Flower Arranging features more than 100 displays for all types of container and every occasion. Easy-to-follow photographic sequences show exactly how to build up each style of arrangement. Representing outstanding value for money this stylish and contemporary series has been specially created for everyone with a busy lifestyle. Highly practical and inspiring the DK Living series embraces every aspect of a wide range of popular topics from gardening and cookery to beauty and sports. Each title covers both basic and more advanced information including a clear explanation of the subject equipment and preparation. Detailed step-by-step photographs and instructions take the reader systematically through all the techniques. The highly visual approach combined with clear uncluttered presentation make each title exceptionally easy to follow.

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