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Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary

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Santrauka: The world's best-selling advanced learner's dictionary.Millions of students around the world have improved their written and spoken English using the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary. This exciting new edition will help you: • write and speak better English • understand more easily and more quickly • avoid common mistakes • learn more effectively. More information, easier to use. Easy-to-understand definitions, written within a defining vocabulary of 3 500 words. 16 language study pages, full of practical help explaining how English works and how to benefit most from the dictionary. 8 full-colour pages of geographical maps. 8 full-colour pages of varied and useful cultural information. An up-to-date picture of today's English. The information in the new edition is fully up to date and accurate thanks to oxford's outstanding language research programme. This includes: * the 100 million-word British National Corpus * the 40 million-word Oxford American English Corpus * the Oxford English Dictionary research programme. Packed with examples. This dictionary contains over 90 000 corpus-based examples designed to help you use English words and phrases correctly and appropriately. There are also hundreds of notes, pictures and explanations to make learning easier.

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