Ulrich Bierbaum

Compressed air compendium.

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Būklė: Gera
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Santrauka: The volume edited by Boge Kompressoren Company contains all important information on the topic of compressed air. An introductory chapter on history, measure units, definitions, physics and airstream conditions is followed by explanations of the application of compressed air in tensioning, clamping, transporting, driving, spraying, blowing, testing and process controlling. In a section on the generation of compressed air the different construction types of compressors are explained with a special emphasis on piston and screw compressors. The controlling of compressors can be achieved by different mechanical procedures or in an electronic way. A special treatment of the compressed air is necessary in order to make it dry, free of oily components or sterile. By the disposal of condensate the correct removal of the waste water obtained as a by-product from the compression is understood. This is followed by the discussion of the consumption and losses of compressed air in machines and the calculation of the required amounts of compressed air. With the help of calculation examples the determination of the size of the compressor station is explained in which particularly the volume of the compressed air receiver and the compressor cycle intervals are of importance. With regard to pneumatic systems both the compressor air receiver and the density, dimensions, and raw material of the pipe systems are fundamental factors. In a chapter on the installation room the installation and ventilation of the compressor are dealt with. Heat reclamation can be achieved by means of room heating or a duotherm heat exchanger. Under the headword "sound" basic information on acoustics and noise protection directives are summed up. Considerations of cost calculation, the basis for CE-certification and an appendix conclude the volume.


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Kaina: 2 EUR
Būklė: Gera
Miestas: Vilnius

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