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Dictionary of Contemporary English

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Santrauka: Product Description Based on the 100-million word British National Corpus and the Longman Corpus Network, this dictionary explores a vivid and exciting area of English - spoken English. It also pinpoints the language patterns and grammar unique to spoken English. The 2000-word Longman Defining Vocabulary is made up of words students already know, and the dictionary's definitions have been written using this familiar set of core words. From the Back Cover Students and teachers will love this new edition. Now in fullcolor throughout, with more collocations and examples, and a stunning new CD-ROM, the Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English is your link to living language. The only dictionary to show spoken and written frequency, with the 3000 most frequent words highlighted in red. Over one million real-life examples show words in meaningful contexts. Clear definitions using 2000 of the most commonly known words. Signposts help you find the meaning you want fast! Over 100000 natural word combinations in definitions and collocation boxes show how words are used together

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