Robert T. Kiyosaki

You Can Choose to Be Rich (12 Cds): 3-step Guide to Wealth [Audio Program 12 Cd]

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Santrauka: A personal seminar from Robert Kiyosaki. The 3-Step Plan You Need to Know to Become Wealthy You know what they say: fail to plan, plan to fail. You can CHOOSE to be RICH! All you need is a PLAN. In Robert Kiyosaki’s dynamic program, You Can Choose to be Rich, you‘ll learn the 3-STEP PLAN TO WEALTH taught to Robert by his rich dad – the very same plan that Robert used to become financially free today! THINK IT! – Discover how to change your financial mindset LEARN IT! – Study the habits of the rich and learn how to make money work for you DO IT! – Apply your financial knowledge to achieve great wealth

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