Christian Daniel Warren

Running with the Rhinos: Courageous Leadership for a Complex World

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NAUJA,NESKAITYTA.Daugiau mano knygų rasite :ČIU LIETUVOS PAŠTU. ----1991--ŠACH.----

Santrauka: If you dare to start running with the rhinos, your life will never be the same again. Journey with international speaker, author, and business expert Christian Warren and learn how the rhino can transform your career, your income, and your spirit. Through the metaphor of the magnificent rhino, Warren invites leaders to live a bold and courageous life and create a future without sacrificing their integrity, ideals, or humanity. Based on the premise that there is a leader in everyone, Warren uses the strong and fiercely independent rhino as an unlikely guide to leadership principles that include vision, understanding, inspiration, power, endurance, conviction, support and heart.


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  • NAUJA,NESKAITYTA.Daugiau mano knygų rasite :ČIU LIETUVOS PAŠTU....

Kaina: 10 EUR
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