Austin Goolsbee

Microeconomics (secnd edition)

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Santrauka: Microeconomics 2nd edition By: Austan Goolsbee, Steven Levitt, Chad Syverson Microeconomics bridges the gap between today's theory and practice, with a strong empirical dimension that lets students tests theory and successfully apply it. With carefully crafted features and vivid examples, Goolsbee, Levitt, and Syverson's text helps answer two critical questions students ask, "Do people and firms really act as theory suggests?" and "How can someone use microeconomics in a practical way? LaunchPad is an interactive online resource that helps students achieve better results. LaunchPad combines an interactive e-book with high-quality multimedia content and ready-made assessment options, including LearningCurve, our adaptive quizzing resource, to engage your students and develop their understanding.


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