Anthony O. Putman

Marketing Your Services: A Step-by-Step Guide for Small Businesses and Professionals

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Santrauka: Marketing Your Services You may be one of the best doctors, consultants, accountants, caterers, or investment advisors around, but when it comes to marketing your service, you may also be the first one to admit, I dont know what to do. Now, heres a book that shows you, step by step, how to market your services-painlessly, confidently, profitably. Marketing Your Services shows you: How to define and promote your services to the right market How to differentiate your business from other similar businesses How to price and package your services How to turn qualified prospects into customers and build long-term relationships with clients This is the best book I have seen about Marketing-making your mark in a way that hits the mark. You will be provoked, persuaded, and pleased by this guidebook for painless marketing mastery. -Chip R. Bell Author, Service Wisdom Simply put, this is the most useful book on marketing for service firms I know of. It is also the best written. Read it. -Clay Carr Author, Front-Line Customer Service An excellent guide to the marketing maze for any small business that wants to get a firm handle on just what service they provide, and learn how to enjoy making money doing it. -Martin T. Cannon Director, Paper Product Development The Procter & Gamble Company

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