Lendrum Tony

The Strategic Partnering Handbook

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Santrauka: The Strategic Partnering Handbookis an internationally renowned how-to guide for creating successful partnerships and alliances both within and across borders. While previous editions have all been top sellers, today's rapidly changing global business environment requires a new edition featuring revised strategies coupled with current case studies and examples. Lendrum argues that in order for businesses to grow and achieve a sustainable competitive advantage, they must develop quality relationships between customers and suppliers - both within and outside the organisation. To illustrate this point he draws on fresh case studies and research to present the many facets of modern strategic partnering. About the authorPrefaceAcknowledgmentsPART 1 THE ENVIRONMENTChapter 1 An introduction to strategic partnerships Chapter 2 Organisational structure Chapter 3 Partnerships, competitive advantage and the fit with strategyChapter 4Corporate culture PART B THE STRATEGIC PARTNERING PROCESS Chapter 5 Introduction: motivators, steps and outcomes Chapter 6 A process for partnering/alliancing with customers and suppliers: the twelve steps PART C THE PARTNERING AND ALLIANCE MANAGER Chapter 8 Managing change and complexity in partnering and alliance relationshipsChapter 9 Strategic partnering and alliance managers Chapter 7 Linking measurement, performance, risk/benefit and remunerationPART D CASE STUDIES IN STRATEGIC PARTNERING AND ALLlANCING Case Study 1 Alcoa and Honeywell A global alliance from humble beginningsCase Study 2 Transfield Services and Worley A tale of two companiesCase Study 3 The Sydney Water Journey A strategic 'triple bottom line' approach to relationship management Index.


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Kaina: 25 EUR
Būklė: Puiki
Miestas: Vilnius

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