Noel Capon

Key Account Management and Planning

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Santrauka: Columbia University's Noel Capon delivers the only up-to-the-second, must-read handbook for today's sales manager - an A-to-Z how-to on parlaying key accounts, both domestic and global, into unprecedented business success. The current explosion in mergers and acquisitions has prompted a rapid change in the nature of sales straegies and ideologies. So say goodbye to traditional, tired and true systems, and say hello to customer consolidation, account partnerships and above all, increased sales pressure. It's a bold new business world, in which a firm's 'key' accounts are by far its most crucial assets. Recognising the central importance of managing key accounts, Noel Capon has written a timely and truly indispensable guide for the entire sales force, from the sales director to the key-account manager. He presents a powerful, step-by-step framework for developing domestic and global strategies, organising the process, managing the sales force, and effectively analyzing key accounts.

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