Allison John, Emmerson Paul

The Business .Intermediate Student's Book

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Santrauka: he Business is a major new course for the next generation of business leaders. Each unit is divided into 6 modules - business knowledge, vocabulary, grammar, writing, speaking, and case study. Its modularity allows you to choose a learning path which will complement your academic syllabus. The Student's Book with DVD-ROM sets a new standard for Business English coursebooks - with over 4GB of memory space on the DVD-ROM it includes everything you would normally find in a workbook and more! Key Features: Modular structure gives teachers and students lots of choice for adapting the syllabus to their own needs and curriculum The topic-driven syllabus is based on detailed research from business and economics-related courses from over 14 countries Full and detailed traditional grammar syllabus underpins all the topic-based work The business focus is topical and forward-thinking, covering the main areas of business activity in the 21st century Balance of skills-work, with plenty of writing to help with exam preparation, and additional practice on the DVD-ROM.

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