Peter McWilliams

"Wealth 101: Getting What You Want-Enjoying What YouVe Got"

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Santrauka: Shows readers how to appreciate the things they have and to use this as a springboard to success and wealth From Publishers Weekly: Urging readers to relish the wealth they already have, the authors ( Life 101 ) define wealth as "health, happiness, abundance, prosperity, riches, loving caring, sharing, learning, knowing what we want, opportunity, enjoying and balance." In reworking the concept of wealth, they dismantle widespread negative beliefs about money, e.g., "Money is the root of all evil," and stress the importance of maintaining a balance between "getting what you want and enjoying what youve got." Each page of text is faced with a pithy and usually humorous quotation as the authors reiterate positive-thinking techniques, spiritualism and familiar advice about such mundane matters as time management. Checklists and mental exercises to help the reader set and maintain goals are included in this sometimes challenging, often frothy and mostly entertaining self-help book. 150,000 first printing $300,000 ad/promo author tour. Copyright 1992 Reed Business Information, Inc

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