Anita Ganeri

Monster lakes

Santrauka: Geography with the gritty bits left in! Does geography grind you down? Fed up with miserable maps, rotten rock piles and crazy contour lines? Wave goodbye to boring geography lessons as you dive into Monster Lakes. • Tremble! as you teeter on the brink of a volcanic crater lake. Scream! when you come face-to-face with scuba-diving spiders. • Shiver! with fear at the spooky shipwrecks in Lake Superior. And if that's not thrilling enough for you ... go on a hunt for monsters from the deep, discover how an explorer found an awesome underground lake and meet fishes that melt in the sun. It's earth-shatteringly exciting! Geography has never been so horrible! "Inspirational" - Royal Geographical Society (with Institute of British Geographers)

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