James Leah

Fireman Sam (Annual 2011)

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Santrauka: "Fireman Sam" is broadcast in over 150 countries, in over 25 languages. The new "Fireman Sam CGI" episodes are launched in March 2009, and Sam is consistently Cartoonito's number 1 rated show! ITV1 began airing "CGI" episodes in September 2009 in the preschool Fluffy Club block. It will be on ITV2 from February 2010, with series 1-5 broadcasting in a new slot on Five. Series 6 features new characters, vehicles, exciting rescues and places for kids to discover. A new live theatre tour will be coming to the UK from June 2010. Move aside, make way for "Fireman Sam"! Join Fireman Sam and friends in Pontypandy as the hero next door saves the day! Packed full with exciting stories, games and puzzles, this annual is the perfect gift for all young Fireman Sam fans!

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