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Aquatic warbler: Small guide for children

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Santrauka: At first glance, you might think that all grass is the same in the meadow and the birds chirp in very similar voices that can’t be told apart. The truly mysterious world of nature can be intimidating: so many unknown creatures, plants, and sounds! But isn’t it fun to get to know new things, to be surprised, to learn, and to find friends along the way to share your adventures with? If you are preparing for an exciting trip to nature, this little guide will help you understand the world of meadow birds and one of its rarest inhabitants – the Aquatic warbler. If you find that there are more questions than answers in this book, remember this: curiosity is a necessary quality for understanding nature – one of the most important qualities that children and scientists share. This book will not only tell you interesting facts about this little singer, but will provide you with fun things to do that will help you understand the mysterious world of meadows.

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