Patric, Verne, Dave Sebranek, Meyer, Kemper

Writers INC

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Santrauka: A Student Handbook for Writing and learning. "Writers INC" is, first and foremost, a complete writing handbook covering everything from the writing process to eriting essays and research papers, from writing with style to writing in the real world. No matter what type of information or help is needed - guidelines, models, rules, or friendly advice - you will find it in this handbook. "Writers INC" also proves invaluable on another level. Sections on reading, learning, speaking, and thinking make "Writers INC" a multipurpose reference book. The appendix even contains full-color maps, uself tables and charts, and historical documents. Any student, professional, or individual simply interested in writing and learning should have a copy of "Wtiter INC". Here is a preview of what`s inside: - The Writing Process. Privides important strategies for all steps in the development of writing. - The Basic Elements of Writing. Offers advice and insights for writing effective sentences, paragraphs, and essays. - Searching and Researching. Outlines the steps in the research process and provides sample parenthetical references and bibliographic entries for the latest MLA style. - Forms of Writing. Addresses nearly every form of writing - from a reminiscence to an interview report, from a cause and effect essay to a personal commentary, from a found poem to a play script. - Writing About Literature. Gives special attention to personal responses, book reviews, and literary analyses. - Reading and Study Skills. Covers everything from improving reading and note-taking skills to test-taking and group skills. - Speaking and Rhinking. Discusses the complete speaking process from planning a speech to practicing the delivery, and the thinking process from thinking logically to thinking clearly in all classes. - A Proofreader`s Guide. Answers any questions a writer might have concerning punctuation, grammar, usage, and mechanics. - Almanac. Includes 10 full-color maps, helpful tables and charts, and important historical documents.


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Kaina: 14 EUR
Būklė: Labai gera
Miestas: Molėtai

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