T.Marin S.Magnelli

Nuovo progetto italiano. Libro dello studente. Con CD-ROM: Nouvo Progetto 1 libro dello studente CD-ROM

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Santrauka: Progetto italiano 1 is the first level of a modern multimedia Italian course for teenage and adult students, providing about 90-100 hours of classroom lesson. Progetto italiano 1: Features a sensible balance between communicative and grammar elements; Is enjoyable and fun, with entertaining dialogues and motivating activities; Teaches to communicate effectively from the beginning; Is complete, with a variety of well integrated materials (constantly being enriched); Introduces modern Italy giving a lot of information and interesting details about Italian culture and life style; Is appealing, clear and systematic. The book contains a personal code that gives access to the digital version of the exercises (in total 310) and to innovative study tools, on the i-d-e-e platform. The updated version of the workbook now presents: full colour layout and new functional illustrations accompanying the exercises; a 'spiral' approach, which sees grammar structures and words that students have seen in previous units regularly re-introduced; a wider variety of teaching techniques in order to avoid repetition one or two revision activities per unit on vocabulary and communicative functions video activities (video "episodes") at the end of each unit so that the video material (Nuovo Progetto italiano Video) is better integrated with the other resources of the course; a complete grammar section with a grammar section the updated version of the exercises is also available in interactive form on the i-d-e-e digital platform.

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