Salley Vickers

Mr Golightly's Holiday

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Su autoriaus parašu. 362 psl., kieti virš.

Santrauka: "One afternoon in mid-March, when the green-white snowdrops had blown ragged under the tangled hawthorn hedges, the pale constellations of primrose had ceased to be a novelty, and the more robust, sun-reflecting daffodils were in their heyday, an old half-timbered Traveller van drove into the village of Great Calne." In the van is Mr Golightly, who plans to seclude himself in Spring Cot tage while he revamps his most famous literary work - a runaway international bestseller, now somewhat out of date - as a modern television drama. However, life in this pretty Dartmoor village has a way of subverting the best intentions. Truant schoolboys and truculent barmaids, failed film directors and reclusive artists, all insinuate themselves into Mr Golightly's daily life, forcing him to revisit his views on such soap opera themes as love, death and the burden of being human.

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