Alison Riley

English for Law

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Santrauka: The purpose of this book is to teach native speakers of other languages to understand and use the language of the law in English. In particular it aims to teach foreign law students and lawyers how to choose, read and use original legal materials of any kind in English in the course of their studies, research or work. Through a wide variety of exercises based on authentic legal texts, readers will gradually learn the reading, vocabulary and study skills necessary to work independently on legal materials of their own choice. The book presents about 400 general and specialized law terms, and teaches the reader techniques for building up systematically a wide legal vocabulary in fields of special interest to him or her. Readers are encouraged to practice the language presented in the book in a variety of speaking and writing activities. The themes and texts in Units 1-9 provide an introduction to some important aspects of the English legal system - those materials present the language of different areas of the law in their natural context. The final section of the book contains International Law materials. An ELBS/LPBB edition is available.

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